Services and Repairs

Our fully-equipped drop-in workshop staffed by experienced engineers offers a thorough list of services for any PC or laptop. Whether used at work or at home, our trained engineers are on hand to help.

Open Desktop Being Repaired

Computer Repair

Professional diagnostic and repair services available.

If you’re experiencing any type of problem with your computer we can help. Our professional and quick service can address; slow performance, crashing/freezing, machines unable to boot, power issues and many more.

Antivirus Software

Virus Removal

Restore performance, and keep personal details safe.

Even with the best anti-virus software there’s a chance a virus can infect your system, the key is to act quickly when it does.

Flooded with pop ups? Fake virus warnings? Sudden slowdowns? Strange files appearing? We offer 2 solutions that will ensure no traces are left.

Laptop with a cracked screen

Laptop Repair

We can repair the majority of laptop brands and models.

We repair the majority of laptop brands and models. From broken hinges, missing keys and faulty power adapters to screen replacements, our ‘no fix no fee’ policy will ensure your money is well spent.

DC Socket Repair - If the power jack becomes loose and you find yourself having to ‘wiggle’ the connector to charge the laptop or it does not charge at all, this can cause permanent damage to your machine. So let our engineers repair the jack and give you peace of mind that your laptop is safe.

Screen Replacement - Being one of the most fragile laptop components, the screen often comes off worst in an impact but not to worry! Our skilled engineers can replace the screens of most laptops and have you back to normal in no time.

Assorted Computer Storage Devices

Data Recovery Services

We can rescue and backup files from your computer.

We offer a confidential data recovery and backup service.

Worried that you may have lost last year’s holiday photos? Don’t! In most situations the data is recoverable and can even be backed up onto an external hard drive or DVD’s.

Personalised Laptop to be given as a gift.

Computer Setup

Just bought a new pc and unsure how to set it up?

Our friendly engineers can have you up and running in no time.

Configuring the internet, printer setup, file sharing, data transfer from old machines, backup schedules and much more.

Tablet Buffering a Video Stream

Networking and Internet

Home services to get you connected to the internet.

Unable to connect to the internet and your internet provider says it’s all fine their end? That’s when we can help!

Our experienced engineers can quickly identify router and network faults, replacing and installing the required products to get you back online.

Broken Printer

Printer Repairs

Printer repairs from ghosting images to paper feed issues.

ITS Digital is a certified Brother Repair Centre but it’s not only Brother machines we repair!

Inkjets or lasers, we have repaired a significant number of printers over the years from ghosting images to paper feed issues.

So drop in today and take advantage of our ‘no fix no fee’ policy.

Laptop, Ram and Hard Drive upgrade


For increased performance, security, and stability.

Over time new software installs and existing software updates demand more from your computer. This slows down your machine and can often become unbearable.

If you want to return your PC to its former glory and get the best out of your internet, home computing or gaming experience, then come visit our friendly engineers for cost-effective upgrades to your system.

Available Brands

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