Contractual Support

Below are three examples of business support for typical mainstream companies. However this is not all we do. We also have basic packages, custom arrangements and varying support hours available to your business.

We can guide you through the confusing world of IT or just visit you as your ‘technical backup’ when you need us, it’s up to you.

Take a look at the three categories to see which one best suits your business, or alternatively contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

What We Can
Offer You

Small Business

If you have no current IT people in your organisation we can do it all for you. We help you budget your expenditure over months and years to help make the most of tax relief available, plus we will also average your spend over time to avoid the ‘one big spend’ problem.

In small businesses, one-size rarely fits all and therefore we customise contracts based on how critical IT is to your organisation, the experience of your staff and the level in which you use your IT.

With all contractual support, you are assigned a primary & secondary engineer.

Medium Business

In a medium size business it is likely you have at least one person with an ‘IT interest’. Although support is not their primary job we can help them with small tutorials conducted by our engineers and hand-outs we customise for your company so we can keep you running smoothly.

Basic printer diagnosis and small software issues are problems which can be solved simply given the right assistance and backup from ITS Digital. Again this helps lower the support cost long term and empowers the individual to solve a problem without just having to guess what to do.

Periodic visits to assess requirements and planning of IT spend is also offered as part of the service. We provide our assessment and you decide.

With all contractual support, you are assigned a primary & secondary engineer.

Large Business

Quite often there is at least one dedicated individual in your company who is charged with the day to day running of the IT setup. Whilst it is a good thing to have people on site for day to day issues, rollouts of new software, etc. ITS Digital can support these people with a wealth of knowledge gained from more than 100 sites, over 4,000 PCs and 15 years experience in the field.

Our engineers have tried and tested a large number of different IT setups and know the pitfalls and problems which can be avoided when developing the IT infrastructure.

We also have disaster recovery procedures which are sometimes not possible within single companies due to cost or overlooked due to the unforeseen complexity of major server outages. Our disaster recovery methods can get companies of 50-100 PCs back up and running in hours, not days or weeks, no matter how complicated or fatal the problem.

If your email is critical, your system works in the cloud or you have remote workers, it is vitally important to offload part of your disaster recovery to a dedicated IT support company. This will avoid the days, if not weeks, of pain when something critical goes wrong.

Services We Offer

Person working from home

Ad-Hoc Support

Ad-hoc support can be ideal if you work from home, do not use IT as a main part of your business, or just have a couple of independent PCs and no server.

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Planning I.T Infrastructure

Contractual Support

Offers the benefits of fast response times, system monitoring and maintenance, future planning and integration, regular data back-ups and disaster recovery.

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Office desks with groups of monitors

Business Hardware

Quality hardware is the bedrock of any valued IT set-up. We can advise and provide you with reliable and lasting equipment suited to the task.

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