Business IT Services

Whether it is all-encompassing or occasional callouts, the choice of support is up to you.

We understand that all companies are different. Some use IT for all their day to day business operations, some just use email. That’s why it is difficult to have a one size fits all approach to the delivery and maintenance of service.

Do you know enough about IT? Not using IT much? Well Ad-Hoc may be the way forward. For something more encompassing or quicker response times, consider contractual.

As for business hardware, if you want reliable equipment which saves you money over the years, extended warranties and improved performance then consider the longer term view of tried and tested solutions.

Services We Offer

Person working from home

Ad-Hoc Support

Ad-hoc support can be ideal if you work from home, do not use IT as a main part of your business, or just have a couple of independent PCs and no server.

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Planning I.T Infrastructure

Contractual Support

Offers the benefits of fast response times, system monitoring and maintenance, future planning and integration, regular data back-ups and disaster recovery.

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Office desks with groups of monitors

Business Hardware

Quality hardware is the bedrock of any valued IT set-up. We can advise and provide you with reliable and lasting equipment suited to the task.

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